Boxit All Up
Boxit All Up
Boxit All Up
Boxit All Up

This isn’t your typical storage box!

The “Boxit All Up” case contains 16 mini (4” x 6”) cases making it a fun and creative way to store memorable pictures. Each mini case can hold up to 100 pictures, that’s a combined total of 1600 pictures!

Our “Boxit All Up” case is also ideal for storing things such as:

Craft Supplies
Sports Cards
Gardening Seeds
Hair Accessories
Lego (Hello, colour coordination!)

What you need to customize:
- Name decal for the carrying case
- 16 name decals for the mini cases

Assembled Dimensions:
Width - 14.9 inches
Height - 5 inches
Depth - 12 inches

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Boxit All Up

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