DIY- Folders and Name Decal
DIY- Folders and Name Decal
DIY- Folders and Name Decal

This product is for you if you have a file box and only require the folders and the name decal to complete your memory box.

Included with this product:

15 letter sized folders with pre-labelled tabs that include 0-2 years, 3-5 years, and Kindergarten to grade twelve.  

A name decal with transfer tape for you to apply on the box of your choice.

What you need to customize:
- Your choice of a Black or White name decal
- Your choice of one or two folder colours from our 15 beautiful colour options. 
- Your choice of decal font from our two options.  
- Your choice of tab font from our two options.  The tab font you choose will be used for ALL tabs in this box.

To add more folders to this product, click here --->  "Add On's

**Only one set of DIGITAL INSERTS is required per family, if you are purchasing multiple boxes please only select them on one**

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DIY- Folders and Name Decal

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